VSU Visionary: Myles Grier

May 11, 2011

VSU Visionary: Myles Grier


Myles Grier dreams big. The faithful, ambitious and creative May graduate plans to become a major film actor and start his own fashion line. He hopes to someday return to VSU as a Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.

“I was always an energetic child,” said Grier, who graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Theatre Performance. “My grandmother would always say that I was photogenic and should be on the television. In middle school, I decided to join the drama club after having a conversation with my parents about what I want to do in life. Acting is what I chose to do, so I started doing plays and never stopped.”

His passion grew, as did his talents. The native of Stone Mountain, Ga., honed his skills at the Dekalb School of the Arts before enrolling at Valdosta State. His favorite role was learning to sword fight as Benvolio in Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, and his most challenging role was adopting the mannerisms of 60-year-old Whining Boy in August Wilson’s “The Piano Lesson.”

“My strengths as an actor are my facial expressions, method acting with past memories, and using charm and style,” said Grier, who performed in eight VSU plays and a variety of student films. “I’m able to show how I’m feeling and let it come through naturally, which is something plenty of actors have a problem with. To come off natural and real to the audience, isn’t an easy thing.”

Everyday is different as an actor, Grier said. He loves the lack of routine and ability to step into new worlds and personalities. Grier plans to pursue acting and modeling opportunities in Atlanta as he prepares to move to Los Angeles, Calif. later this year to test the waters of film and television. He wants to continue to grow his web-based company Dreamster Organization, LLC, www.dreamsterorganization.com, through which he creates professional websites for entertainers artists.

“My hope, faith and determination separate me from other people trying to make it in this business,” said Grier, who also enjoys drawing, singing and web design. “Actors can be some of the laziest people you’re going to meet, except the good ones. It really takes more than thinking you have talent to be an actor. It’s show business, but I call it ‘business show’ because the business side comes first. You have to be the kind of person, people want to work with and be organized in your own life. Laziness will kill an actor because you have to always be prepared for the opportunity as it comes.”

Grier’s parents and siblings are his greatest supporters. Older brother, Michael, who graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Building Construction, and his two younger siblings, 12-year-old twins Nick and Nicole, cheer him on as he grows as an actor, model and writer. Parents Michael and Derry Grier keep him grounded as they remind him of his humble roots and the importance of living for others.

Read about and see more of Grier at www.MylesGrier.com or watch him online at
www.youtube.com/mylsgrr04 .

Academic Year: Senior 

Graduation (semester/year): May 2011 

Degree: BFA Theatre Arts, Performance 

Hometown: Stone Mountain, Ga. 

High school: Dekalb School of the Arts 

Academic achievements/awards/recognition: Kennedy Center-ACTF Irene Ryan Scholarship Nominee for the performance of Lendall in the play “Almost, Maine.” Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor society/fraternity Best Pledge 2007.

University career highlights:
Becoming the only freshman resident assistant in the spring of 2008.
Being an orientation leader in 2008.
Becoming a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. fall of 2008
Being cast in eight plays and multiple mass media student films at Valdosta State.
Giving tours at Visitation Days.
Being a part of Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Society and the organization’s To Be Named Later (TBNL) improve troupe.
Being cast in Valdosta State’s promo commercials and the host of the Campus Life Virtual Tour introduction. 

I chose to attend VSU because… I refused to go out of state and pay those out of state fees. When I was searching for a great theatre program, Valdosta State University had more to offer with the beauty of the campus and being cheaper than other schools. It was actually my first choice over Morehouse College and Columbus State University, and I was accepted into both. The great theatre and dance area is the reason I ultimately chose VSU.

My favorite things to do on campus are… 
I enjoyed giving tours for visitation day and also tours for friends, family or friends of friends. A few times, random families asked me where they could get a tour on the weekends, and I would volunteer to do it, and they love it.

When I have free time, I like… to relax. I did so much while on campus from being a resident assistant, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and a theatre major -- three things that require so much time and dedication out of your life. They taught me how to manage my time, but when I had free time, it was nap time or time for studying my favorite actors and movies. 

My favorite place to study is… my room. 

The most exciting thing I’ve done is… shoot at a gun range in Las Vegas, NV. I shot my first AK-47 machine gun, which was exciting for me.

My favorite professor was…. a combination of all the professors in the theatre and dance area because they treat us like family. I feel I can walk away and call them my friends. Outside of theatre, my favorite professor was Dr. Richards in the anthropology department. He has always supported me in my acting ever since I took his class my freshman year. It’s always nice to talk to him.

My favorite class was… probably Jazz Dance I because it helped get me fit. I like to dance and it was fun with my classmates. 

If I could share an afternoon with anyone, I would love to share it with… I already share most afternoons with my woman friend La-Keasha Brown, but if I need to choose someone different, I’d share a day with Rob Dyrdek from MTV’s “Fantasy Factory” and “Rob & Big.” He’s a true businessman and an example of someone who owns and does as much as I want to own and do. I’m sure I could learn a lot from him.

If I knew I could not fail, I would… start a foundation that gives financial support to families with a child who has sickle cell disease and no health insurance.

I chose my major/career because… I love acting. It’s fun, something different for me everyday, and I never get bored with it.

The three words that best describe me are… faithful, ambitious and creative. 

Growing up, the person I looked up to the most was… my father. He has taught me so much and is the reason why I think the way I do about a lot of things in life. 

The thing that I will miss the most about college is… not having to pay debt! But in reality, just being able to go anywhere VSU related and know I will know someone and have so much to do. 

The one VSU experience I will always remember is… being an orientation leader and going to the Southern Region Orientation Workshops conference (SROW). The summer of 2008, when I was an orientation leader, was fun because of my teammates and the early mornings meetings with all of the students.

After graduation, I plan to… continue acting in Atlanta, Ga., and moving out to Los Angeles, Calif., later this year. I plan to keep active with acting so I can continue to network and build a support base, which will result in networks and casting directors wanting me to do their projects because I’m bringing a fan base to it as well. 

Some of my long-term goals are… to be considered one of the greatest actors that other actors look up to; to own my own fashion line; and to be Alumni of the Year one year. I also hope to stay supportive of the VSU Theatre and Dance Area, and hopefully have a building or theatre named after me.