Update of City Water Services

January 21, 2011

Update of City Water Services

Update of City Water Services from City of Valdosta Web Site http://www.valdostacity.com/

Posted Date: 1/22/2011

The City of Valdosta is utilizing all resources to restore city water services as quickly as possible. The city has connected generators to the well, so citizens should begin noticing water pressure return in the next hour.

When water pressure returns, citizens may notice some discoloration, air, and a sulfite odor in the water. This is to be expected, due to the treatment plant being down for several hours. Crews are working with a manufacturer representative for the plant equipment to determine the problem and help expedite the correction.

However, the city issued a Boil Water Advisory this morning that will remain in effect for the next couple of days or until further notice. Residents are advised to bring water to a boil for at least one minute, and cool before using, or use bottled water. Water should be boiled for uses such as drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, food preparation, and any other consumption. Boiling the water kills bacteria and other potential organisms.

Citizens should make sure all faucets in their home are completely turned off when the water services are restored to avoid any flooding.

Updates will continue to be posted to the City of Valdosta website at www.valdostacity.com, or citizens may call the city’s Utilities Department to receive additional information and updates at (229) 259-3592.