Calling for Mac and Marga Nominations

December 7, 2010

Calling for Mac and Marga Nominations

VALDOSTA -- Sigma Alpha Chi (SAX) Honor Society seeks nominations for the prestigious Mac and Marga awards presented each Honors Day to one male and one female student of outstanding achievement. Winners receive recognition from the University, a plaque and a $100 prize.

Send nominations to Dr. Deborah Hall, 211 West Hall, or e-mail them to by January 31, 2011.


* Senior Standing

* GPA of 3.00 or higher

* Participation in at least three campus organizations

Please provide the following information for each nominee:

1. Nominee's name:
2. Nominee's address:
3. Nominee's major and GPA:
4. Organization and Honors:
5. Professional Publications
6. Nominee's parents' and/or spouse's name and address:
7. Statement by the nominator explaining the nominee's qualifications:
8. Nominator's name and department or organization.