VSU Grads are Working and Satisfied

July 4, 2010

VSU Grads are Working and Satisfied

VALDOSTA -- According to results from Valdosta State University's most recent alumni survey, in spite of recent economic conditions, a significant portion of respondents are employed and satisfied with their jobs.

VSU Alumni Relations reports that 92.7 percent of respondents who graduated five years ago are employed full time. Approximately 75 percent of last year's graduates hold full-time positions and another 17 percent are employed part time. Results showed that most took positions within six months of graduation in the medical field, education or the public sector. More than 70 percent of all were satisfied with their jobs.

Respondents, overall, felt VSU had equipped them professionally for their careers and academically for post-graduate studies, and many felt like their experiences at VSU prepared them to be productive citizens.

Approximately half reported VSU's educational value -- a comparison of the cost verses individual satisfaction with their educational experience -- was excellent. Another 34-44 percent reported a good value, indicating few were disappointed with their experiences considering the cost. In fact, 67-77 percent of all respondents would choose VSU again. Greater than 90 percent of respondents are proud to be graduates and would recommend VSU as a good investment to others.

When asked about income, more than half of alumni from the class of 2009 reported they earn between $20,000-40,000 per year. Slightly fewer respondents five years out reported the same income, however 47.4 percent now earn between $40,000-70,000, indicating VSU graduates are quickly advancing in their careers.

Director of Alumni Relations John Trombetta said he was pleased with the survey results, especially those regarding VSU's educational value and the professional achievement of alumni.

“VSU is a great educational experience and survey results like this confirm that. Our students are able to get jobs, excel at those jobs and become leaders in their field," said Director of Alumni Relations, John Trombetta. "It’s great to see the change from that from the first to the fifth year, graduates are seeing an increase in their income which infers promotions, increased responsibility, and a greater chance of moving into a leadership or executive role in the future ”

The annual survey gathers opinions from alumni who graduated approximately one and five years ago. Results are used as an indicator of effectiveness of university programs and services as well as to gage alumni satisfaction with their experiences at VSU. More detailed results are available at:
http://www.valdosta.edu/sra/documents/AlumniSurvey2010BookletwithTOC.pdf .