Consortium to Address System-wide Needs

March 17, 2010

Consortium to Address System-wide Needs

VALDOSTA -- Valdosta State University is one of six University System of Georgia campuses that will serve as a Regional Training Center (RTC) for the Professional Development Consortium -- a product of the Regents’ Strategic Goal Six: Increase Efficiency Working as a System.

The consortium will collaborate to identify and address system-wide professional development needs. Becky Murphy, assistant director of HR for Employee Development, is the RTC leader who -- along with her staff -- will support and collaborate with institutions in the region. VSU will aid the seven partner institutions in developing a needs assessment/gap analysis and instituting a training plan and calendar. Each of the training centers will share resources and meet quarterly to update the USG Office of Human Resources Professional Development.

“We are excited about this opportunity to share resources and support each other to strengthen us as a university system. Not only will we have the opportunity to work with our region, but will gain broader access to resources as consortium members collaborate and share best practices,” Murphy said. “For instance, if I am trying to activate a leadership skills program at VSU, I can look in the consortium database we are creating to see which schools currently have such programs. I can then review their format and materials so that I don’t reinvent the wheel.”

The consortium has identified three main objectives:

Continuously improve learning and organizational development function of each institution.

Identify, develop and execute key learning programs and system initiatives.

Create a system and associated process for system-wide knowledge management

Valdosta State University is charged with training human resource professionals at Waycross College, Bainbridge College, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Albany State University, South Georgia college, Darton College and Southwestern State University. The other five Regional Training Centers are: Georgia Institute of Technology, Kennesaw State University, Medical College of Georgia, University of Georgia, and Georgia Southern University.

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