Retirees Take a Bite Out of Science

January 26, 2010

Retirees Take a Bite Out of Science

VALDOSTA -- Science labs have strict "no food" policies, but these apples and oranges were not for snacking. Biology professor Dr. Leslie Jones and Marge McCartney engaged Learning in Retirement (LIR) participants as they studied the fluorescent properties of food pigments during a lab Friday, Jan. 22.

"They said the disco colors reminded them of their younger days with lava lamps and black light posters in the 1960's," said Jones, who will teach evolution during the group's next visit to the biology lab in mid-May. "They separated the compounds using paper chromatography and extracted the pigments with ethanol before examining their fluorescent properties with a black light."

LIR, within the Division of Continuing Education, is an organization for individuals 50 years of age and above who want to engage in lifelong learning and recreation. Members take part in college-level course work on a non-credit hour basis. Much of the coursework is determined and sometimes led by members of the organization, which was founded at VSU in 1996.

Membership for each term costs $35, although additional charges for specific classes and activities may apply. A complete list of classes and information about the organization is on the LIR Web site at .