VSU Community Encouraged to be Mindful of Campus Construction

January 13, 2010

VSU Community Encouraged to be Mindful of Campus Construction

VALDOSTA -- Valdosta State University encourages campus community members and visitors to be conscious of new construction and staging areas on campus. The following areas will be affected during all or part of spring semester 2010.

Education Center: Beginning Friday, Jan. 15, the Education Center's north entrance will be closed for the construction of Jennett Lecture Hall, which should be completed this fall. Fencing will encompass the entire lawn on the center's north side.

Nevins Hall: Interior renovations in Nevins Hall will keep the north side closed through spring break in mid-March. Exterior area on both the east and south sides are closed for the extension of the pedestrian mall from Nevins to Odum Library and the Student Union.

Langdale Hall: Renovations to restrooms on all floors of Langdale Hall's southeast wing will begin in late January and should be completed prior to the university's opening next fall.

Main campus infrastructure: Steam and water lines are being replaced at various points on main campus. Steam line replacement now affects palms quad and will also affect the area around Langdale Hall. Water line installation around campus is complete, but expect water outages and some areas affected as each building is connected to the new water line.

Project Staging Areas Map: http://www.valdosta.edu/news/media/2010/01/project-staging-areas.jpg