December 17, 2009

New Initiative Enhances Operational Efficiencies

New Initiative Enhances Operational Efficiencies

VALDOSTA -- Valdosta State University’s budgetary loss of approximately $12.5 million in the past two years, has served as the catalyst for greater improvements in efficiency and service enhancements. The overarching goal of the university’s budget strategy is to reduce costs and gain efficiency without adversely affecting the mission.

Recently VSU’s Physical Plant and Facilities Planning implemented a consolidated management structure for campus custodial services. The new structure reunites Auxiliary Services and Physical Plant custodial staff within Campus Services. Further operational efficiencies will be realized by assigning custodial workers to specific physical locations. In some areas, custodial staff previously worked in teams and alternated areas of responsibility. The new structure will be more time efficient, as it consolidates custodial efforts across campus and reduces time spent in transporting employees from one building to another.

“This structure creates a sense of ownership and pride -- it allows each employee to assume full responsibility for the quality of their assigned area,” said Jim Muzzey, assistant director of Campus Services. “I am looking forward to implementing this change with all custodians on campus. It is a challenge but in the end a much more efficient system.”

The structure improves custodial performance by providing consistent services and self-evaluation through the use of checklists. Custodial supervisors will continue to monitor performance and implement proper training based upon inspection results.
Muzzey said daily tasks will be centralized in an effort to improve consistency and streamline the process. Training will become easier and help improve the overall custodial operation.

“Employees are our most valued resource and they benefit from the challenge and opportunity to work independently,” said President Patrick J. Schloss. “They are most productive when responsible for a specific duty and when fruits of their individual work can be seen.”

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