SGA Hosts Elections for Freshman Senate

September 17, 2009

SGA Hosts Elections for Freshman Senate

VALDOSTA - Valdosta State University's Student Government Association (SGA) will host online voting for the election of ten freshman senators, who will serve the 2009-10 term, on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

All students registered for fall 2009 can cast their ballots by clicking on the SGA Elections link featured on VSU's home page in the calendar section. The link directs visitors to . Once the student's 870 number is entered on the following page, a ballot will appear.

According to the SGA Web site, senators formulate policies, regulations and recommendations that relate to the general welfare of the student body. This year's race for freshman senators features 11 candidates vying for 10 open seats. SGA President Kelli Cody said due to the small pool of contenders, there will not be a run-off election. The election will be won by majority vote; the top ten candidates win.

Candidates include:

Deborah Fung-A-Wing
Marina Siegel
Kori Powers
Kaitlyn O'Rourke
Jaime Conner
Jerico Phillips
Brittany Blaschke
Renee Coke
Chase Massey,
Megan Goggin
Nathan Middleton