Travel Abroad Vicariously Through VSU Blogs

July 6, 2009

Travel Abroad Vicariously Through VSU Blogs

VALDOSTA - For the second consecutive year, Valdosta State University students are sharing their experiences on study abroad trips by posting weekly public blogs for all to enjoy.

Mallory Harris, a junior majoring in business administration, left for Karlsruhe, Germany earlier this week to study management and marketing. She looks forward to experiencing new culture and traveling during the weekly 3-day break between classes. The four-week Germany trip includes a Eurail Pass, which she plans to use for weekend travels to nearby Paris and other locations rich in European culture.

Senior Katelyn Toler and junior Stephanie Brearley, both Spanish majors, just left at the beginning of July for Lima, Peru. Living with host families, they will be immersed in Peruvian culture while studying intensive Spanish at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - one of the oldest universities in the America’s. Their four-week trip includes participation in local cultural events and an excursion to the Sacred Valley, Machupicchu.

Each student will post a blog at least once weekly during the study abroad experience. Depending upon Internet connectivity, students may also upload photos enhance their stories. Readers are encouraged to leave comments and ask the bloggers any questions they may have.

Hosted at and managed by the VSU Communications Unit, VSU Study Abroad Blogs exist to give perspective travelers a glimpse into the study abroad experience and others the opportunity to travel vicariously through students as they chronicle what many consider the "trip of a lifetime."

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