VSU Honors Retirees at Annual Luncheon

June 23, 2009

VSU Honors Retirees at Annual Luncheon

VALDOSTA - Valdosta State University’s Council on Staff Affairs and the Valdosta State Retiree Association honored more than 20 VSU retirees at the ninth annual Retired Faculty & Staff Luncheon in mid June.

Judy Hart, retirement and compensation specialist, said the luncheon provided the campus community an opportunity to thank retirees for their dedicated years of service to the university. During the program, retirees were introduced to the Valdosta State Retiree Association, which promotes fellowship and campus service opportunities for hundreds of retirees eager to continue supporting the values and mission of VSU.

"Even though they will no longer be working here, we encourage retirees to join the Valdosta State Retiree Association since their knowledge and energy can still provide a valuable service to the VSU community," Hart said.

VSU employees and friends of the university are encouraged to purchase engraved bricks along the VSU Retirement Walkway in honor of university retirees. Those retirees in whose name a brick was purchased were acknowledged at the luncheon. The retirement walkway - located between West Hall and the Hugh C. Bailey Science Center - is a tribute to the more than 400 retirees who helped build VSU into a premier regional institution. A listing of VSU retirees without bricks and an order form to make the required $50 contribution can be found at www.edu/cosa/retirement.shtml . Brick purchase support VSU Retirement Walkway and Employee Recognition Fund, which sponsors retiree recognition efforts.

The following retirees were honored at the June luncheon:

Martha Berrian (Palms Dining): 1996-2008

James Black (Finance and Administration): 2005-2008, 1969-1999

Ronald Blease (Building Maintenance): 1984-2009

Maxine Brown (Auxiliary Facilities): 1989-2009

Henry Calhoun (Land & Ground Maintenance): 1996-2009

Rita Collins (Student Health Services): 1976-2008

Elaine Dawkins ( Odom Library): 1983-2008

Sandra Denson (Odom Library): 1983-2008

Charles Hudson (Registrar): 1998-2008

Betty Jackson (Parking and Transportation): 1997-2008

Phyllis Jackson (Custodial Services): 1998-2009

James Plondke (Music Department): 1993-2008

George Rudd (Building Maintenance): 1983-2009

Rebecca Tippett (Aerospace Studies): 1988-2009

Carolyn Cox (Adult & Career Education): 1983-2009

William Fredenberger (Management): 1988-2009

William Huitt (Psychology & Counseling): 1985-2009

Sandra Walker (Modern and Classical Languages): 1985-2009

Hilary Harper (Sociology Department): 1995-2009

W. Kent Moore (COBA): 1979-2009

Brenda Faulkner (Housing and Residence Life): 1993-2009

Become a member of the Valdosta State Retiree Association at http://tinyurl.com/VSURetirees