Victory over Violence Exhibit On Campus March 24-27

March 23, 2009

Victory over Violence Exhibit On Campus March 24-27

VALDOSTA - Valdosta State University's Department of Modern and Classical Languages will host the Victory over Violence exhibit March 24-27 in Odum Library near room 1604. The exhibit addresses various forms and causes of violence, aiming to inspire people to identify and counteract the root causes of violence in their own lives.

The exhibit is part of a national movement launched in 1999 in response to growing concerns about youth-related violence throughout the world. Victory over Violence aims to spread the ideals of nonviolence through exhibits, an active Internet presence and presentations that promote the power of dialogue and introspection to encourage respect, trust and friendship among all people. The exhibit highlights the teachings of nonviolent leaders, including Mohandas Gandhi, who was often quoted as saying, “passive violence fuels the fire of physical violence.”

The movement, which actively supports the United Nations “Culture of Peace” initiative, explores within the exhibit three ways to counteract violence, which are to value one’s own life, respect all life and inspire hope in others. The Victory over Violence exhibit will also be displayed at VSU during the American Association of University Administrator’s “Sister to Sister Summit,” a conference for and about girls in middle school, on Saturday, March 28 in the University Center.

Learn more about the VOV movement and register to launch your personal peace movement at