February 12, 2009

Student Honored by Valdosta Optics as Intern of the Year

VALDOSTA - Junior engineering studies student Chad Hendley was honored by the Valdosta Optics Laboratory, Inc. as the Student Intern of the Year on Feb. 3.

He was awarded the honor after a presentation in which he discussed his many accomplishments as an intern at VOLI. Several other students from the VSU College of Arts and Sciences were also involved in the internship program that is part a collaborative research project between Onyx Optics, Inc., VOLI, and the VSU Center for Applied Research.

Hendley began his internship in January 2008 under the supervision of VOLI’s senior research scientist Dr. Wei Qiu. His work thus far encompasses projects from motion control to optical coating design. He chiefly developed VOLI’s motion control system that, as part of the laser processing system, is a powerful and versatile tool to realize laser marking, cutting and welding. Through this system, VOLI is able to process numerous materials including diamond, silicon and sapphire.

“[Chad] has a strong background in mechanical engineering and related areas and is a talented and dedicated researcher and problem-solver,” Dr. Qiu said. “His work directly benefits the company’s R&D projects and will in turn benefit the defense and homeland security of the United States.”

Hendley is involved in several other projects with VOLI and another project funded by the University System of Georgia’s Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP), an economic development program that partners Georgia’s higher education institutions with the state’s strategic industries to ensure an educated workforce. The VSU ICAPP project, under the direction of Dr. Barry Hojjatie, coordinator of the VSU Engineering Studies program, provides student research opportunities related to energy and product quality challenges in the Georgia forest product industry.

“Chad is the outstanding student in the Engineering Studies program with a perfect GPA of 4.00, and I am confident that he will be able to maintain a very high GPA at Georgia Tech,” Hojjatie said. “Former students from VSU’s engineering studies program who have graduated from Georgia Tech have been able to find excellent positions, including an engineering research position at the Georgia Research Institute (GTRI). We will make sure that Chad also finds the opportunity to continue his undergraduate research experience at Tech related to the research subjects that he has started at VSU.”

Hendley plans to transfer to the Georgia Institute of Technology in May 2009 to complete his requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and then pursue a career in the field of energy.

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