VSU's CBER Announces Economic Analysis Project

January 6, 2009

VSU's CBER Announces Economic Analysis Project

VALDOSTA - The Center for Business and Economic Research at Valdosta State University launched the Georgia Regional Economic Analysis Project on January 1, 2009.

The Web-based program, available at www.pnreap.org/georgia , is a great source of data at the county, metropolitan statistical area and state levels. Within seconds, users can view annual data, spanning 38 years, on population, income, employment, total industry earnings and average earnings per job for all 159 Georgia counties.

Unlike other resources, the GA-REAP provides more than just statistics - it gives users actual analysis of data. Interactive tools allow for in-depth research and analysis and reports can be generated to clearly explain trends and implications for a local area in terms easily understood by non-experts.

"The CBER is proud to offer this service to folks in Georgia wishing to conduct their own research using publicly available data," said Dr. Cliff Lipscomb, CBER director and assistant professor of economics at VSU. "What makes the GA-REAP different is that actual analysis of the data accompanies the tables - you have to see it for yourself to believe the insight into Georgia counties that can be gained after a few clicks."

VSU's CBER provides the GA-REAP in collaboration with the Pacific Northwest Regional Economic Analysis Project. The most recent data is provided for 2006; however additional information will be added as updates are received from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

CBER will begin offering an annual conference and training session, the first of which will be scheduled this spring. Economic development personnel, city and regional planners and other users will receive an overview of the CBER's services, faculty research related to economic development and GA-REAP training on use of the powerful data tool.

A service arm of VSU's Harley Langdale College of Business Administration, the CBER supports regional economic development and promotes activities that strengthen the competitive positions of regional business within VSU's 41-county service area. Call Lipscomb at (229) 245-3774 or e-mail him at calipscomb@valdosta.edu for more information.