June 10, 2006

VSU 2006 Hurricane Season Communications Protocol

To: Members of the Valdosta State University community:

The 2006 Hurricane is under way and Valdosta State University is regularly monitoring weather forecasts from the National Hurricane Center and other weather outlets for any possible tropical developments between now and the end of the hurricane season on November 30.

In the event a tropical system or hurricane develops with a projected track in proximity to the Valdosta and surrounding areas, the VSU web page will post an advisory as soon as possible with periodic updates and the Hurricane Center's projected 3 to 5 day or sooner path.

Every storm and every situation may be different as to the impact on the Valdosta area and the VSU campus and community. The timing of the arrival of any storm, whether during a holiday, weekend or regular work week will certainly determine the proper course of action as well as will the forecasted impact and severity of the storm. Evaluations will be made on a constant basis concerning campus operations. VSU will be in communication with local, state and federal emergency officials to monitor the latest weather and public safety information.

As a general rule, the VSU campus is never closed, especially during the regular school year when more than 2000 students reside within campus housing. Even when classes might be cancelled due to weather or other conditions VSU will be maintaining campus services unless otherwise indicated. This will require "designated VSU personnel" to be on duty under most circumstances or unless otherwise advised.

Communication regarding the status of VSU operations will be done primarily through the main university web page and email. News media outlets will also be utilized if there is any change in campus operations. In the event of the loss of electrical power on campus, every effort will be made to communicate through local and statewide news media outlets and through the University System web page. All Valdosta radio stations and specifically WVVS (FM) 90.9, WVGA (FM) 105.9, and WAAC (FM) 92.9, as well as VSU-TV, WCTV and WALB-TV will be the primary contacts for VSU. In addition, Atlanta area and other regional radio and television stations will also be contacted. Every effort will be made to contact these media outlets as soon as any change in VSU status is determined. It must be stressed that campus operations are normal unless an official announcement from VSU has been made to indicate otherwise.

As a general rule, and due to the abbreviated time those news media outlets have to make announcements, VSU announcements will be brief, stating that classes are cancelled or delayed for the day. Decisions on the status of faculty and staff reporting for duty may vary depending upon circumstances. This information will be communicated as soon as possible. "Designated VSU personnel" charged with public safety, physical plant operations, housing, essential food services or other specific duties, who have been told in advance that they should report for duty under emergency circumstances, should make every effort to arrive at campus for their designated assignments as quickly and as safely as possible.

All members of the VSU community, especially those who have been away during a weekend or holiday, should use their best judgment concerning traveling to or from the VSU campus during such a weather emergency or threatening situation.

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