New University Logo

May 24, 2005

New University Logo


To: Members of the Valdosta State University Community

From: Ronald M. Zaccari, President

Subject: New Visual Identity for VSU

Date: May 19, 2005

New University Logo
In preparation for this fall's academic term, I am very pleased today to announce the creation of a new visual identity for Valdosta State University. This new logo (see attachment Example A) will be used for all official letterhead, University advertising, promotions and other print needs. The new style will be reflected into campus signage (see attachment Example B), the identification of campus vehicles, and eventually will be utilized on official web pages. A Centennial version of the logo will be used in connection with promotions for Centennial activities throughout the coming months.

This Centennial logo version and move toward a unified look across campus will evolve as we build toward a multi-year comprehensive capital campaign. VSU was founded in 1906 and classes began in 1913-to acknowledge this historic event, VSU will recognize 2006-2013 as our "Centennial Years."

While the new logo reflects West Hall and a Spanish Mission-style architectural theme, we will keep in mind the Master Plan's differentiation in the architectural look of the north and main campuses. Further details and printed style guides are forthcoming. The use of Centennial dates and phrases will be modified from time to time and will not appear on parking decals. "Building for our next century" reflects our master plan efforts to prepare for the growth in student, faculty, and staff population and may become a comprehensive capital campaign theme as several capital building projects emerge on campus.

Printed materials with the old VSU logo and style, which in several variations have served the university well since 1994, will be phased out by January 1, 2006. I encourage you to first use up your old materials. Placement of all new orders for stationery and other printed materials, as of today, must utilize the new logo.

Athletic Spirit Mark
Last summer a new V-State mark (see attachment Example C) was created and registered for use as the new VSU Athletic/Spirit Logo. Many of you are familiar with athletic spirit marks like the University of Georgia "G", the Georgia Tech "GT", etc. This is not a mascot, but a spirit mark in addition to a mascot image such as "Gators." Options for the particular use of the popular V-State design, which are intended primarily for athletic promotions, are outlined on the Office of University Relations (Publication & Design Services Unit) web page at .

Options for the use of the new university logo will also be posted on the Publication & Design Services website. Questions about the use of the new logo should be addressed to the Publication & Design Services Unit ( in the Office of University Relations, Division of University Advancement. The Publication & Design Services Unit exists to develop and maintain Valdosta State University's visual image working in close cooperation with the Bookstore and others.

Official University Seal
The University seal (see attachment Example D) is reserved for official use by the Office of the President and for appropriate university-wide special events. Questions about the use of the seal should be addressed to my office, Publication & Design Services, or the Office of Special Events.

A little more than three years ago we as the VSU Community launched an extensive strategic planning initiative. Eight goals were established, including Goal #4, "Access and Participation." Goal #4 specifies, "VSU promotes expanded access, participation, and quality through a comprehensive marketing plan." Despite the recent parallel budgetary cuts during this same period over the last few years, Valdosta State University has made great progress in our planning efforts.

During these somewhat difficult budgetary times we have implemented new efficiencies and developed more strategic ways of doing business. This is why I am so pleased we were able to produce our new logo internally through the outstanding talents of our own Publications & Design Services Unit. Manager Jeff Grant and his team are part of the Division of University Advancement, under the leadership of Vice President Scott Sikes. Among its many activities, University Advancement is charged with "branding" responsibilities. This means VSU must have a coordinated image, look, and logo, while telling our success stories to multiple constituencies and building school spirit and a sense of belonging.

Maintaining graphic standards and visual standards for the university are indeed important to our strategic marketing efforts. Our goal is to ensure communication with Valdosta State University's key constituencies so that the university's mission, goals, and programs are understood and supported.

The consistency and proper use of our new visual identity is important to our overall strategic planning process. I thank you for your continued support of this effort.