VSU Professor writes New Foreword for Upcoming Book

April 26, 2005

Charles Harmon Director of University Relations, Joseph C. Agbasi Student Assistant

VSU Professor writes New Foreword for Upcoming Book

Dr. Marvin T. Smith, professor of anthropology at Valdosta State University, wrote the new foreword for Carol Mason's book, "The Archaeology of Ocmulgee Old Fields" The volume is part of the series, "Classics in Southeastern Archaeology."

The book includes a discussion of the Ocmulgee Old Fields and an analysis of the archaeological materials. The Lower Creek town and possibly the English trader who lived there will be identified in the report. With a new foreword by the author and a new introduction from Southeastern archaeology expert Smith, readers can see the historic setting in a contemporary view.

"It was a real honor to write the foreword for Carol Mason's, �The Archaeology of Ocmulgee Old Fields'," Smith said. "Mason's book is a true classic in the field, and it was a privilege to prepare the new foreword to update Creek archaeology since she wrote her study in 1963."

The official publication date was April 24 and finished copies are now widely available in bookstores and online.