Third Annual Multicultural Sankofa Awards Presented

May 25, 2004

Charles Harmon Director of University Relations

Third Annual Multicultural Sankofa Awards Presented

The Third Annual VSU Multicultural Sankofa Celebration was held on May 7 co-sponsored by several VSU cultural organizations and academic departments. The procession of graduating seniors marched into Powell Hall to the beat of African drumming by Andy McClure. A multicultural array of talents was on display, including singing, interpretational dance, and original poetry. Rev. Floyd Rose, community activist and humanitarian, gave an inspirational, well-received message challenging the graduates to set realistic, attainable goals and then visualize themselves as already having achieved them.

The Sankofa Awards Ceremony recognized outstanding VSU students and staff. Recipients included the following:

Third Annual Sankofa Award (2004)
(Ms. Tameka Jenkins)

AFA Student of the Year Award
(Mr. James Turner)

AFA Appreciation Award -- Staff
(Mr. Russ Mast, Dean of Students)

The following students received certificates or verbal acknowledgement:

Ms. Ashlie Perry (Coordination of Sankofa Program)

Ms. Christina ?CJ? Jamison (Coordination of Sankofa Program)

Ms. Lisa Culbreath (Academic Achievement ? Completing Master of Education Degree in one year) Ms. Culbreath was the recipient of the Second Annual Sankofa Award (2003)

Ms. Tierra Daniels & Ms. Lisa Hamilton ? Co-recipients of the 2004 Claydon H. Barron AFA Scholarship (an academic scholarship)