VSU?s fountain to measure the success of campaign

November 5, 2002

VSU?s fountain to measure the success of campaign

VSU is coloring the fountain in front of West Hall to show support for this year's State Charitable Contributions Program (SCCP). At the annual SCCP luncheon, held on Oct. 31 in the University Center Magnolia Room, VSU President Ronald M. Zaccari announced that with each monetary goal reached, in the campaign, a new color would be added to the fountain.

According to Mary Watson, SCCP coordinator, when VSU's employees reach the $15,000 goal the base of the fountain will be illuminated with green lights, followed by yellow lights at $25,000 and blue lights at $30,000 and the grand finale will be a red light at the top when the $35,000 goal is reached.

Watson says the colors on the fountain are a unique way of demonstrating the progress of the campaign.

?I?m looking forward to seeing the fountain turned into a rainbow of colors as we meet and pass our goal,? Watson said.

Every year VSU faculty and staff have an opportunity to give to the charity of their choice during the SCCP. Employees can give to one or several charitable organization by using payroll deduction, cash, check or money order.

The SCCP was created in 1982 by the Georgia Assembly to offer state employees an opportunity to make contributions to independent and federal charitable organizations.