VSU Debate Team gets victory over defending national champions

December 10, 2000

VSU Debate Team gets victory over defending national champions

Valdosta State University's debate team recently participated in tournaments in Colorado and Florida.

The varsity squad traveled to Colorado Springs, Colo., and competed in the annual Air Force Academy Invitational Tournament Nov. 16-20.

The varsity squad, consisting of Randy DeBerry and Brett Taylor, achieved a record of 4-2 in the opening section of the tournament and advanced into the elimination round, where they placed ninth in the overall varsity debate competition.

DeBerry finished the tournament in 16th place, out of a field of 120 debaters.

"This was our best finish at a national tournament in over five years," said Dr. Mike Eaves, associate professor of Communication Arts and debate coach. "It truly is a wonderful accomplishment to see Randy end his debate career this semester on such a positive note."

Additional debate team members traveled to Jacksonville, Fla., to compete in the Florida Community College Debate on Nov. 16-17. VSU won five debates in this meet.

"I was really proud of my students," Eaves said. "The vast majority of the squad who traveled to Jacksonville had not debated before this weekend."

Participating team members were: Catherine Cronin, Tiffani Hightower, Margaret Conley, Erica Tash, Eben Morris, Kim Grisson, Lashastas Worthy, Kanisa Hayes, Angela Clark and Nechelle Dorsey.