Blazer Beginnings helps students adjust to college life

August 10, 2000

Blazer Beginnings helps students adjust to college life

VSU's Office of Orientation and Leadership is hosting Blazer Beginnings, Aug. 12-15 for all incoming freshman and transfer students, according to Laura Cantrell, coordinator for Orientation and Leadership Programs.

The four-day event will feature social activities as well as opportunities for students to pay fees, buy books and receive assistance in finding their classes. "This is an extension to orientation," Cantrell said. Students who attended a summer orientation program are encouraged to attend Blazer Beginnings and receive additional information and assistance in making the transition to college life easier. "We want students to see this as a kick-off to their collegiate career." Cantrell said.

Events scheduled feature entertainment, women sorority recruitment, orientation classes, purchasing textbooks, assistance in finding classes, computer classes aimed at electronic mail assistance, residence hall meetings and social activities aimed at meeting new people.

"Making College Count" a workshop designed to provide incoming freshman with important information on how to make a successful transition to college is scheduled for Aug. 15, 7 p.m., Whitehead Auditorium. Motivational speaker will provide students with the insight into setting goals, time management, academic success tips, making the most of extracurricular activities and work experience.

According to Cantrell all events are free and students are encouraged to participate at any level.

For more information, contact VSU Office of Orientation and Leadership at 229-333-5941.