VSU launches new doctorate program in cooperation with Columbus State University

March 7, 2000

VSU launches new doctorate program in cooperation with Columbus State University

VALDOSTA�Today (March 8) the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia authorized Valdosta State University to create an external Doctor of Education with a major in Educational Leadership. The degree will be offered in cooperation with Columbus State University.

The cooperative program will prepare school leaders for administrative positions in the public schools, according to Dr. F.D. Toth, dean of the VSU College of Education. While the program will prepare school leaders to handle efficiently the administrative dimensions demanded of them, the primary emphasis is instructional leadership. The program includes 54 semester hours of post-master's level work.

"This is a completely revised leadership degree that is focused on preparing leaders for schools who can take students in diverse settings to high levels of learning," Toth said. "It is a degree for future leaders of our schools who have a passion to improve our schools."

Toth said course work launches with the first cohort of 20 students beginning during the Fall 2000 semester. Classes will be offered by VSU and CSU faculty on the CSU campus.

"This program will be jointly administered and taught using the Internet, distance learning systems as well as traditional site-based teaching methods," Toth said.

"This is truly a wonderful opportunity for partnership between VSU and CSU to provide doctorate-level education to Columbus and the surrounding region," said Dr. Tom Jones, vice president for Academic Affairs at CSU. "We look to the future for additional collaborative opportunities to address regional educational needs."

"As a regional university, we see it as our responsibility to assist other senior institutions to provide advanced degrees in their geographical areas," Toth said. "This is phase one of what we hope will be many joint ventures."

"We are extremely pleased to cooperate with Columbus State University in bringing doctoral-level programs to the Columbus State campus," said Dr. Hugh C. Bailey, VSU president. "The Columbus region is one of the fastest-growing and most important in the state�and Columbus State is one of the most progressive institutions. This is a splendid opportunity we have, working together, to bring doctoral-level education to this region."

"Columbus State University is honored to enter into a cooperative agreement with our sister institution, Valdosta State," said Dr. Frank Brown, CSU president. "There is a demand for this level of education in our community. We are anxious to get this program started and are appreciative of our friends at Valdosta State for making it possible."