Welcome to Marketing and Economics

The Department of Marketing and Economics is a multidisciplinary department with programs that lead to a B.B.A degree in Marketing and B.B.A. degree in Economics. The Department is dedicated to providing high quality education in the region. We strive to excel in teaching, offering degree programs that enhance our students' ability to succeed in their professional careers. High quality education also encompasses research and service to the University, the region, and the academic profession.

The Department's programs are designed to give the student the basic knowledge, skills, and values that build upon the foundation provided by the University Core Curriculum and are required for professional careers in business and government. Each program stresses the importance of critical thinking skills, effective oral and written communication, and the application of knowledge to solve business problems.  Students majoring in Marketing or Economics are able to gain work experience related to their major through the VSU Co-op Program and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).

Courses in economics:

  1. provide an understanding of the economic processes that provide the foundation for our business, political, and social behavior;
  2. teach students how to acquire, process and analyze information; and
  3. provide a rigorous preparation for management careers in business and government and for graduate studies in economics, business administration, and law.

Courses in marketing enable students to:

  1. define marketing opportunities;
  2. plan and carry out marketing strategies;
  3. manage sales and salespeople; and
  4. engage in professional sales activities. The marketing program prepares individuals for challenging careers in both profit and non-profit organizations.