1. Who can be a member of the VSU Blazin’ Brigade Marching Band?
Membership in the marching band is open to all students enrolled at Valdosta State University with previous high school band experience.  Auditions for part placement will occur during the first day of band camp.  The only exception to this is for the dance line and color guard.  Due to the demands of these units, an audition for a position in these groups is required. 

2. How do I audition/become a member of the Blazin’ Brigade?

All students who want to participate in the marching band should fill-out the online interest form located on this site.  All students MUST sign-up for marching band (MUSC 3880) when registering for classes.  This is a one hour credit course and for most students this will count as an elective hour. 

3. When does the Blazin’ Brigade Marching Band rehearse?
Once the semester begins:
    Monday 4:00 – 5:50 
    Wednesday 4:00 – 5:50 
    Friday 3:00 – 4:50

Game days (time TBA – We will have a ‘dress rehearsal’ on some Saturdays prior to the games.  The times of these rehearsals will depend on the time of kick-off.)

This schedule will continue throughout the Fall semester until the end of the football season.

4. What costs will be associated with the band?
Members will be required to pay the band fee of $55.00.  This will be due at the beginning of band camp.  Students will also be responsible for providing their own black marching band shoes and white gloves.  These will be available for purchase when you arrive for camp.

5. Are scholarships/stipends available to members of the marching band?
Each member of the Blazin’ Brigade will receive a stipend for their participation in the marching band.  The amounts of the stipends are as follows:

1st year - $75

2nd year - $150

3rd year - $225

4th year (or more) - $300

Section leaders also receive an additional $50.  The stipends are paid at the end of the football season (including playoffs). 

6. Are instruments provided?
The following instruments are provided:

Piccolos – a limited number

Tenor Saxes – a limited number





All Guard Equipment

7. When does the band perform?
The Blazin’ Brigade will perform at all home football games and usually travels to one away game per year. We will also play for any home playoff games and travel to the National Championship game when involved.  The band will also perform at approximately two high school marching festivals/competitions as an exhibition group; and the VSU homecoming parade. 

 8. Will the music be memorized?
All music that the band will perform on the field will be memorized.  Stands music will be performed using a flip-folder for the music.

9. What auxiliary units are included in the Blazin’ Brigade?
We utilize both color guard and dance line units. the guard performs primarily with a flag, but is occasionally asked to perform with other types of equipment.  We have an audition/clinic that all interested students must attend.  Information about this can also be found at the auxiliaries and schedules portion of our site.

10. If you are unable to attend the Color Guard and Dance auditions, will a video tape suffice?
Clearly, attending the audition is preferred but in the event no other option is available you may submit a video tape. The tape must include: all basic flag skills (including various tosses) and one minute of work you have prepared to taped music. Please feel comfortable including pieces from your past performances, along with a short interview about yourself. Send your video to the following address:
                             VSU – Dept. of Music
                            Attn:  Eric Bradshaw

1500 North Patterson St 
Valdosta GA   31698


11. Is it too late to join?
No – If you are interested in being a part of the Blazin’ Brigade, contact Mr. Bradshaw (Director, Blazin’ Brigade Marching Band) via email at eebradsh@valdosta.edu or by phone at 229-249-4965.

12. Is there a band camp?
Yes – Camp always occurs the week prior to classes starting.  For the dates and times, please see the band camp schedule posted on this site. See the Band Camp Schedule

13. How do I audition for a position on the drumline?
The audition for a place on the drumline will occur during the percussion weekend camp / audition held during the Summer prior to the start of band camp. All students that want to be a part of the drumline will have a ‘spot.’  The audition will allow us to place you on the instrument that will best serve the marching band.  Information regarding the audition for instrument placement will be sent to you during the summer when you identify yourself as a percussionist. Contact Mr. Bradshaw (Director, Blazin’ Brigade Marching Band) via email at eebradsh@valdosta.edu or by phone at 229-249-4965 for more details.

14. When will I be able to move into my dorm room?
Although camp starts prior to the dorms being open, you WILL be able to move into your room when you arrive for camp.  We work with the VSU housing and arrange for you to move into your room a couple of days early.

15. What if I have any other questions?
Please feel free to contact Mr. Bradshaw (Director, Blazin’ Brigade Marching Band) via email at eebradsh@valdosta.edu or by phone at 229-249-4965.