Living On Campus

Your time on campus can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. You'll meet new best friends or build stronger relationships with the high school buddies you came with. We have implemented policies for living on campus in order to ensure that everyone has an awesome experience and is kept safe! To make sure you're following the guidelines, you should review the Guidelines for Community Living and the Visitation Policies. We have special features on campus which includes LaundryAlert, HallNet, and Fuel. Feel free to explore these student-tailored features!

Also note, students living in dorms and taking all online courses will be assessed mandatory fees.

Request to Use Financial Aid for Housing Deposit

We are pleased to offer the option of using financial aid to cover the $300 deposit! As soon as aid is posted, if there is enough aid to cover all fees and at least $300 left over, this form can be submitted to Housing.  This means no out of pocket deposit cost. However, the $50 application fee is still required. The deposit will be owed whether or not a student stays enrolled for fall.