Welcome to Procurement

Procurement  is a service oriented department dependent upon the cooperation and assistance of the University business units and departments in order to be the most beneficial to the University. Procurement is designed to promote an understanding and appreciation of the necessary application of Federal and State laws, Georgia Department of Administration Services (DOAS) regulations and procedures, University System of Georgia policies and guidelines, and Valdosta State University’s policies and procedures.

Before making a purchase use the Appearance and Reasonable Tests.

  • For all potential expenditures from all sources of funds, the “appearance test” should be used, i.e., how would this purchase look to external constituents if placed on the front page of a newspaper.
  • Another test that is useful is to ask the question, “Is this expenditure necessary for a faculty/staff member to do his/her job or for the university to carry on its normal business?” The utilization of these tests should help to guide faculty/staff members in their decision-making. At all times, faculty/staff are encouraged to avoid the appearance of poor management of funds as well as the reality of poor management of funds.
  • Buyers' Assigned Departments
  • Delegation of Signing Authority
  • eProcurement & GA First Marketplace
  • Guide for Doing Business with Valdosta State University


Due to month end closing, requisitions and/or change orders received after 3 business days before the last working day, are not processed until the books re-open approximately 3 business days into the new month.

Purchasing encompasses the procurement of products and services that provide the best value for the University. Procurement supports the University’s purchasing needs through: ePro, Georgia First Marketplace, P-Card and Fuel Card programs.

Fleet Management

Fleet management includes management, procurement and maintenance of University vehicles.  

Risk Management

Risk management includes property, auto and liability claim reporting, property valuation and risk exposure.

Student Health Insurance Enrollment

Student health insurance enrollment is available online to all students at Valdosta State University. The designated provider for health insurance is UnitedHealth Care. Questions regarding student health insurance should be directed to studenthealthinsurance@valdosta.edu.