Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does tutoring work? 
      1. First, make an appointment with a tutor by calling our office (333-7570), or visiting our website, or dropping by our location in Langdale Hall.
      2. Next, come to SSC on time, check in with the front desk, and...

        Bringyour assignments, drafts, homework, and textbooks so you can fully explain to your tutor what you are trying to accomplish or don’t understand. 

        Do your homework before you meet with a tutor
        . The tutor will suggest another time to meet if you are not prepared with the above materials.

        Understand that your grade is your responsiblity; tutors will not do homework for you. 

        Expect to be listened to and encouraged as you work with a tutor. 

  2. How much do your services cost?
    1. All services provided by the Student Success Center are free to students.

  3. How do I make an appointment?
    1. A student can make an appointment by using the online scheduler or by calling 229-333-7570.
    2. Students may also drop in without an appointment; however, a tutor may not be readily available.
  4. Who are the tutors?
    1. The tutors are undergraduate students who have excelled academically, and who are interested in assisting other students to succeed.
  5. What subjects can I receive tutoring in?
    1. Tutoring is available in core curriculum courses including English/Writing, Mathematics, Foreign languages, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) as well as other areas such as Accounting. In many subjects, Supplemental Instruction is also available whereby tutors attend classes in which they provide assistance and run ongoing study groups.
  6. How do I apply for an on campus job?
    1. Applications and information for non work-study student assistant positions are available in the Student Employment Office. For further information, call 229-333-7574 or email For work-study positions, contact Financial Aid and for off-campus work, contact Career Services.
  7. If I need help with time management, study skills etc, can the Student Success Center help me?
    1. Yes, the Student Success Center can offer assistance in several ways. We offer workshops throughout the Fall and Spring semesters on several topics related to academic success including time management and study skills. Students may also make an individual appointment with one of our Academic Advisors if they are unable to attend the workshop. The PowerPoint presentations are also available for students to view on their own if they wish.
  8. I have questions about the advising process, where do I go.
    1. At VSU, advising is mandatory for all students each semester they are attending classes before they are cleared to register. For more information on advising click here.