Becoming an ELI Student


Step 1: Application and acceptance.

Follow the application procedures on our "How to Apply" page.

Let us know if you are interested in living on campus. Campus housing is not always available, but we will assist you in finding an apartment if necessary.

Wait for your I-20 and acceptance letter to arrive via FedEx or another carrier.

Step 2: SEVIS fee and F-1 Visa Interview

Contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate to schedule an F-1 visa interview appointment. You will need your I-20 and acceptance letter.

Pay the SEVIS fee here

Take your I-20, acceptance letter, SEVIS payment receipt, passport, financial documents, and any other important information to your visa interview.

Step 3: Confirm Your Arrival

Contact us to let us know you have been awarded a visa.

Tell us your arrival information so we can arrange to pick you up from the Valdosta airport.

Step 4: Arrival

Fly into Atlanta with a connecting flight to Valdosta. We will pick you up at the airport in Valdosta.

If you do not fly into Valdosta, you will need to arrange transportation to Valdosta via bus.

Step 5: Housing

You may choose to live on campus, or find an apartment off campus.   VSU does not offer a homestay option, but you may find one through a private network. 

One option is the American Homestay Network.  

If you have not found housing before you arrive, you can arrange to stay in an extended stay hotel until you find appropriate housing.

Contact us for more information.