Higher Education Leadership

The Department of Curriculum, Leadership, and Technology offers the Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Higher Education Leadership. The program curriculum offers two study tracks: Administration and Student Affairs. Students select the track that best fits their professional and academic interests. The M.Ed. curriculum provides traditional classroom learning, online learning opportunities, as well as internships which allow students to gain hands-on experience in a higher education setting. Graduates of the program gain the knowledge, skills, and experience they will need to achieve professional success post-graduation.

M.Ed. Higher Education Leadership: Administration Track

The Administration Track emphasizes preparation for management positions in many different fields of higher education. Examples include: admissions, academic advising, residence life, student activities, financial aid, career services, and offices designed to support and retain historically undeserved student populations. Students interested in pursuing a career in the administrative-side of higher education, and professionals working those fields who wish to advance their knowledge and skills in the field, should consider the Administrative Track of the Higher Education Program.

M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership: Student Affairs Track

The Student Affairs Track prepares students for academic management positions in higher education settings. The curriculum incorporates historical, cultural, and sociological perspectives that impact today's modern practitioner. The program also incorporates a research internship component which sets this program apart from many programs in the U.S., and encourages development of research skills in a higher education-setting. Many Student Affairs students benefit from Graduate Assistantship positions within the Division of Student Affairs. These positions provide both financial benefits, (including tuition reduction and stipends) and professional experiences that will benefit them professionally post-graduation.