Welcome New Faculty

College of the Arts

Art Department
Mr. Sean Hurley, Lecturer (Limited Term)
Ms. Sara Wilcox, Assistant Professor

Music Department

Dr. Daniel Alexander, Lecturer (Limited Term)
Mr. Benjamin Harper, Lecturer
Ms. Donna Hewitt, Assistant Professor (Limted Term)
Dr. Mark McQuade, Assistant Professor

Communication Arts
Mr. Geoffrey Reynolds, Assistant Professor
Dr. Brian Sowa, Assistant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences


Ms. Mary NIcole Roop, Instructor (Limited Term)

Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

Ms. Andrea Ramirez, Lecturer

Langdale College of Business Administration

Ms. Cori Crews, Assistant Professor
Dr. George R. Wilson, Assistant Professor

Economics and Finance
Dr. Levent Bulut, Lecturer

Marketing & International Business
Dr. Arpita Agnihotri, Assistant Professo

Dewar College of Education & Human Services

Adult and Career Education
Dr. Christopher K. Waugh, Professor/Department Head

Curriculum, Leadership, & Technology
Dr. Taralynn Hartsell, Associate Professor

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Mr. Jamil Davis, Instructor (Limited term)
Ms. Lisa Lowe, Instructor