Steps for Declaring WGST Minor 

Step 1:  Print and complete the Declaration of Minor Form.

Step 2:  Return completed form to Ashley Hall 1202 (Women's and Gender Studies office) 
The Coordinator for Women's & Gender Studies will sign form and forward to Registrar's office; an advising file will be opened for you and kept in Ashley Hall.

Step 3:  Contact COHSS Advising Center at or 229-253-4059 to schedule your advising appointment.


Requirements for Minor

Women's and Gener Studies Minor Course Descriptions

The minor consists of a total of 15 hours that includes one required course and four approved electives. Courses taken to satisfy core areas A through F cannot be counted as coursework in the minor. A grade of "C" or better must be earned in each course comprising the minor, and all prerequisites for specific upper division courses must be met. 

Areas of Study:

  • LGBT Studies
  • Queer Studies
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Women & Religion
  • Gender Studies
  • Women & Literature
  • Social Justice
  • Feminist Theory

Beginning Spring 2023, the following coursework is required for a minor in WGST:

Required Courses:

WGST 3000 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

Elective Courses:

Any 4 upper division courses with a WGST prefix.

WGST 3000/4000 Any four upper division coures with WGST prefix.