Leadership & Academics

VSU’s fraternity system is dedicated to building future leaders by providing numerous leadership opportunities. The fraternities at Valdosta State University realize that excelling in academics is the top priority of all students. Fraternity life offers a wide variety of academic advantages including tutoring programs, peer advisement, and study hours.

Brotherhood & Community Service

Greek fraternities were founded as a network of support for men who were going through a similar experience. The fraternity is a great way to enhance the general college experience through brotherhood and friendship. One of the founding principles of every fraternity is service to the community.


Intramurals are a very exciting aspect of fraternity life. Athletics prove to be important physical and mental outlets for Greek students. They help improve self-confidence and develop teamwork. Through intense competition, intramurals continue to help build brotherhood and school spirit at VSU.

Social Life

Fraternities are very busy with homecoming, alumni weekends, family weekends, formals, and Greek Week. Social events give the fraternity man an opportunity to meet new and exciting people while building lifelong friendships.

Recruitment Statement

Rush at VSU is intended to give everyone an equal opportunity to explore the vast array of fraternities that differ in ideals, goals, chapter men and approach to fraternity life. Although all fraternities may have the same general framework for success, it is important to know that everyone can fit into fraternity life no matter your personality or lifestyle. With 5 fraternities comprising the Interfraternity Council, we can assure you that you can find a fraternity to fit your expectations.

Recruitment Registration

Registering for recruitment is simple and easy. Just go to the IFC main page or simply click the “RECRUITMENT REGISTRATION” link. You will be asked several questions. Please take time to fill out the questions as completely as possible. This information will be shared with the fraternities. Even if you are not sure about joining a fraternity, we encourage you to go through the process to get a better picture of fraternity life here at Valdosta State University.

Recruitment Rounds for Formal Recruitment

Round One

The first round of Recruitment is an opportunity for recruits to visit every one of our 5 chapters on campus. A Recruitment leader (or Rho Chi) will guide you and a small group of your peers to each one of the fraternity houses. This will allow you to get an idea of what each of these chapters is about and allow you to meet brothers from each chapter.

Round Two

The second round of Recruitment provides a chance for recruits to return to their two (minimum) most preferred houses to begin to narrow down their selections as well as signal to the chapter members that they are interested in members. We encourage you to spend time at each house to get a better understanding of fraternity life.

Round Three

“Smokers” is the fond term given to the final round of Recruitment which a recruit may only attend by invitation of the chapter. This provides a chance for recruits to meet alumni, learn more about membership requirements and engage in more meaningful conversation. Chapters traditionally smoke meat and provide a more substantial meal to recruits, hence the name ‘smoker’.


Recruits are required to attend all five chapters on Round One. Any recruit failing to sign in at each chapter is prevented from receiving a Bid. Fraternities will have the opportunity to host different functions, anything from sporting events to formal dinners. The third round of recruitment will be an invite-only round where chapters will invite the men they feel will be a strong addition to their chapter to meet their local alumni and get to know their brothers better.

Accepting A Bid

Bids will be distributed through the IFC Executive Council in the Student Life Office, the second floor of the Student Union. Recruits will receive an envelope containing any and all bids that fraternities have extended. A bid is an extension of membership from a particular fraternity. It is important for each man to join the fraternity in which he feels he will be most successful. Each recruit will have as much time as needed to make a thoughtful decision as to which invitation of membership he will choose to accept. It is important to know that you must and pick up your bids in order to affiliate and sign a bid card with only one fraternity. Please understand that the entire semester will be used to help indoctrinate each man into his respective fraternity, with initiation at the end of the semester being the final step for membership. Once signing a Bid card with a chapter, a recruit is prevented from accepting a bid from any other chapter for one academic semester.


We, as the IFC Executive Board, hope that you will enjoy your Rush experience. In the end, you will hopefully find yourself joining a fraternity that will offer leadership, brotherhood, service, and the potential to excel at Valdosta State University. If, at any time, you have a question, please feel free to contact the IFC or the Greek Life Office.

GPA Requirement
The GPA to register for recruitment is a 2.5 High School GPA as calculated by the Office of Admissions. This is calculated based on your core classes. This is not your final high school GPA or your Hope GPA. Before registering, please check your Admissions GPA.
Current Valdosta State students with an established GPA may join at any time of their collegiate careers with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher based on at least 12 or more credits and a minimum semester GPA of a 2.5 the semester prior to joining. Students must also be in good standing with the University. As you’re looking at your membership options, please keep in mind that some chapters may have higher GPA requirement for membership.
***Please keep in mind that some chapters may have higher GPA requirements for membership.***