By joining the Greek community, a wealth of opportunities will be awaiting you. You will have the chance to develop new friendships, take part in meaningful campus activities and community service events, and develop your leadership skills. Sororities were founded on the principles of scholarship, leadership, community service, and the development of lifelong friendships. All sororities have something unique to offer, and membership in a sorority will add a new dimension of leadership, academic involvement, and fun to your college career.

At Valdosta State University, all six Panhellenic sororities participate in Values-Based formal recruitment in the fall. This occurs the week before classes begin in August. For more information, please contact our office or email us at

Spring Recruitment

CPC Chapters may participate in an informal Spring Recruitment process if they are not at campus total. Chapters host individual events and extend invitations to membership at their discretion. Follow our chapters on social media to learn more about their Spring Recruitment activities! 

How to register for Fall Recruitment

Click the button below. Be prepared to list High School Activities and Leadership Positions, as well as your Spring 2022 GPA.

Registration will end August 1, 2022 at midnight and will carry a $75 registration fee.

Register for CPC Recruitment


Recruitment 2022      

  • August 7th: Move in Day
  • August 8th: Kick off event
  • August 9th: Service Day
  • August 10th: Philanthropy Round
  • August 11th: Sisterhood Round
  • August 12th: Preference Round
  • August 13th: Bid Day

Rounds and Attire

This attire is recommended and NOT required. Express yourself freely and wear what makes you comfortable! 

Kick Off 2021

Kick Off Event

Student Union Ballrooms 



Service day 2018

Service Day

Second Harvest Food Bank


Philanthropy 2021

Philanthropy Round

Nevins Hall


Sisterhood 2021

Sisterhood Round

Nevins Hall


Preference 2021

 Preference Round 

Nevins Hall


Letters of Recommendation

Recommendations are letters written on the behalf of a potential new member by an alumna, and while they may be helpful during the recruitment process they are in no way required. Click on the Chapter links below for submission information, or mail recommendation letters to: 

Valdosta State University

ATTN: "insert chapter here"

1500 N. Patterson St

Valdosta, GA 31698


Alpha Delta Pi 


Alpha Sigma Alpha


Chi Omega

Kappa Delta


Phi Mu


Zeta Tau Alpha