"Campus Recreation was the best option for me. The operating hours best fit my schedule of working out time early mornings and the classes offered were classes that I enjoyed and worked within my schedule. After joining, I decided to work with a personal trainer from Campus Recreation. It has been a wonderful experience. They will create a workout routine that meets your specific needs and are always respectful and motivating. They keep me accountable to my fitness and lifestyle plan of maintaining a good health. The last two "wellness checks" with my physician have been great- weight, blood work all good! Thanks, Campus Recreation!"

-Margaret Duncan, Accessibility Strategist 

"In my opinion, the Rec Center is one of the most impressive facilities we have. The equipment is second to none and the staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. I work out at the rec for years because it is convenient and the options are almost endless. Every time I go I get a sense of accomplishment knowing I am doing something that is healthy and is good for me."

-Walter Peacock, Development Officer

"When I first came to Valdosta 4 years ago, I was barely able to walk, having undergone two spine surgeries and hip replacement prior to the move. As a member of LIR, one of the benefits was being able to join and use the VSU Recreation Center. What a gift! I walked in the doors and have been here ever since. Initially, I only used the pool. The hours of operation, let alone 7 days/week access, made scheduling a swim a breeze. I will be forever grateful to all the wonderful things your facility offers!”

-Julie Magruder, Learning in Retirement Member

"I've been working at Valdosta State University for 11 years, and have been coming to the rec since it opened back in 2002. Knowing that I can get off work, get a quick workout in, shoot some hoop and catch up with friends makes coming to the Rec really enjoyable. As far as prices, the Rec prices are absolutely unbeatable! Even at $90 a semester, that's dimes and nickels compared to higher prices at other organizations."

-Sterlin Sanders, Director of Technical Support Services