The Shannon Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is located on the third floor of VSU’s Student Union and houses the Office of Student Diversity and Inclusion. Named after Major General Robert L. Shannon, the first African American SGA President and proud alum, the space is for all students to cherish and experience inclusion.

The Shannon Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion stands as a visible reminder of VSU’s renewed commitment to educate on diversity, enhance equity, and embrace inclusivity and serve as a gathering spot for special programs, mentor groups, and events.


Student Diversity and Inclusion introduces Representation Station (RS). It is important that everyone sees themselves represented in something or someone. To know you are not alone; being able to relate to someone that looks like you with similar experiences, aids to a sense of belongingness. Representation Station helps to strengthen our campus community and improve student outcomes. The objectives of Representation Station are as follows:

· To have a faculty, staff and eventually student peer mentor that represents the diversity on our campus.

· To help students embrace their most authentic selves.

· To allow students to tell their stories and hear the stories of others.

Below please find this semester’s faculty and staff mentors, the identities they represent, and the hours they will be available in The Shannon Center.

representation-station-lovern-1.png representation-station-ramirez-1.png