Students and Career Goals               
Dr. Tillman allows hope to arise when students cannot see.  

Advising is a key component to helping students attain their professional goals. It is an amazing profession to know that advisors are a part of the process in helping students come to the realization of their purpose in life. All of our advisors in Centralized Advising are outstanding, yet Dr. Cheri Tillman is our focal point this month. She advises students who are undecided about a major. Dr. Tillman has an outstanding personality and the students are drawn to her because of it. Truly that characteristic about her has been a breakthrough for students to freely communicate their hopes and dreams. Through her passion, dedication to listening, and persistence, she strategically changes the course of the student's direction towards their newly discovered goals. Because of her support, it is a joy to see her students, after years of struggle, come out on top!