Masters of Science Degree in Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Faculty of Valdosta State University would like to thank you for your interest in the Criminal Justice Masters Program.  We are committed to providing students with the most fulfilling program possible.  Our staff is highly motivated and extremely qualified to instruct students in all matters of Criminal Justice.   Our program offers 2 tracks for students to choose a more specialized direction of study.  Our Applied Criminal Justice track allows students to focus on courts, corrections, or law enforcement.  Our Research & Theory track allows students to explore the causes and correlations of crime theoretically and analytically. 

Our Faculty aims to use the most up to date teaching methods combined with years of field experience to help students of all learning styles.   The Masters of Criminal Justice program is designed to provide students with an education that assists students in achieving and maintaining the highest level of competitiveness in the criminal justice field. The M.S.C.J. program prepares students to pursue a variety of careers including law enforcement, crime analysis, criminalistics, and criminal justice instruction. The M.S.C.J. program also prepares students to continue their education at other institutions (e.g., law school, foreign exchange programs, and PhD programs). 

-Valdosta State Criminal Justice Program

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(*These credits are designed to be taken under the supervision of faculty. Students must contact their advisor before enrolling in a guided elective) 

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