Mission Statement

The Center promotes and provides collaborative interdisciplinary innovation, research, and technical assistance consulting services which address social and public policy issues facing a global society.


The overarching purpose of the Center is to expand human knowledge through innovation, research, 
and creative activities through the varied expertise of the faculty by promoting entrepreneurial 
enterprises, fostering collaborations with governmental agencies, private entities, and educational 

The Center assists agencies and communities by providing policy and problems analysis, 
problem solving techniques, and provides educational and training services to community, 
private, and governmental agencies. The Center provides innovative strategies which meet 
unique needs of individual and organizational perspectives. Meeting unique needs and demands 
through entrepreneurial approaches, the Center's focal point addresses:

  • justice issues,
  • social phenomena and social inequity,
  • criminal justice system line level and administrative issues,
  • human factors, decision-making, and field performance issues,
  • human and national security issues,
  • family and wellness issues,
  • systems analysis, technology innovations and risk management assessments,
  • agency personnel assessments and public policy issues facing governmental agencies and private 
  • applied interdisciplinary research and public service projects through agency requests and/or 
    through faculty initiatives.


Multi-tiered services are provided by Center faculty (research, innovate approaches/solutions, systems 
analysis, life-long learning, technical assistance; data bases, collaborations, public policy issues) and 
focus on:

  • Research and evaluation services aimed at agency programs and technology in order to improve 
    agency effectiveness,
  • Provide innovative and creative services impacting agency policy and decision-making, and 
    recommend innovative strategies through research and analysis,
  • Create partnerships and collaborative relationships with educational institutions, government 
    agencies, private corporations, community organizations, and other faculty across campus 
    consistent with the goals and objectives of the Center,
  • Provides broad array of advanced information, data bases, communication, resources, and 
    networking opportunities into instructional and training settings organized and developed by the 
  • Develop and deliver educational and training programs on continuing professional education 
    topics of interest to varying disciplines (Life-long learning),
  • Policy development and analysis, strategic advice, knowledge and risk management and 
    information sharing across jurisdictions through technical assistance strategies,
  • Develop unique research and technical assistance projects based on special needs requests, and
  • Publish and disseminate scholarly research on professional discipline issues.


The Center provides services to:

  • Municipalities
  • County Government
  • Federal Government
  • Private Companies
  • Educational Institutions
  • Risk Managers
  • Training organizations
  • Community Groups

To learn more about the Center for Applied Social Sciences and to determine how the Center may best serve your needs, please contact Dr. Darrell L. Ross, Department Head of Sociology, Anthropology,  and Criminal Justice,  Center Director, at (229) 333-5943 or dross@valdosta.edu.