Our Mission

The primary mission of the Department of Psychology is to provide students with a comprehensive background and understanding of psychology and its related applications. The faculty are focused on integrating empirical science, theory, and practice toward a more complete understanding of human behavior. Through faculty commitment to teaching, research, professional development, and assessment, we provide our students with the opportunity for intellectual discovery, critical thinking, and social and ethical responsibility. The foundation of the program is built upon the learning goals developed by the American Psychological Association. Students become proficient in their knowledge of psychology, critical thinking and scientific inquiry, professional ethics and social responsibility, communication, and professional development. The secondary mission of the department is to develop the necessary skills for students to be successful in their career aspirations or graduate school. We are committed to the understanding and appreciation of cultural differences and diversity, in all forms, with an emphasis on promoting inclusiveness and respect for others. This dedication results in a well-rounded, mature individual capable of positively impacting others.