Valdosta State University is a vibrant community of students and scholars who each bring creativity and passion to Blazer Nation. Here's a glimpse into their pursuits, struggles, and victories, and how they are impacting the world around them. 

Unearthing a buried identity 

Inside One Professor’s Fight to Gain Federal Recognition for a Native American Tribe in Southeast Mississippi. 

This is a photo of younger members of a Native American Tribe in Southeast Mississippi.


The New Kings of Atlanta 

How two #VState grads are carving out a space for themselves at the highest levels of Atlanta’s creative scene.

Adrian Scott and Dexter Davis sit on a couch in Cam Kirk Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.


Celebrating 25 Years of Undergraduate Research

From Star Wars to Lifesaving Medicine, student research at VSU covers just about everything.

Undergraduate Symposium


Chasing Wonder in the Deep 

VSU biomechanics professor explores marine life to develop cutting-edge tech.

Dr. Ted Uyeno in his lab.