B.A. with a Major in Spanish

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Selected Educational Outcomes

  1. To demonstrate the ability to listen and to read in Spanish at the advanced level of proficiency, as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines.

  2. To demonstrate the ability to speak and to write in Spanish at the advanced low level of proficiency, as defined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Proficiency Guidelines.

  3. To demonstrate knowledge of cultural universals and trends as well as specific similarities and differences between Hispanic and American cultures, including both non-verbal and verbal aspects.

  4. To demonstrate knowledge of major historical events and their role in the development of the Hispanic cultures as well as knowledge of the major literary and artistic works of those cultures.

  5. To demonstrate the ability to use technology for research purposes and as a means of communication with the various areas of the Spanish-speaking world.

Requirements for the B. A. degree with a major in Spanish—Language and Culture Track

Core Curriculum Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum)

42 hours

Core Curriculum Area F

18 hours

SPAN 1001

0-3 hours

SPAN 1002

0-3 hours

SPAN 2001

0-3 hours

SPAN 2002

0-3 hours

Foreign Language and Culture (2nd Foreign Language)

0-6 hours

Electives from Area C and Area E Courses

0-18 hours

Senior-College Curriculum

60 hours

Upper-Level Courses in Spanish

38 hours

SPAN 3000

3 hours

SPAN 3010, SPAN 3150, SPAN 3160 

9 hours

SPAN 3200, SPAN 3250, or SPAN 3260

6 hours

SPAN 3300

3 hours

SPAN 4010

3 hours

SPAN 4020

3 hours

Major electives: SPAN 3XXX and/ or SPAN 4XXX

6 hours

SPAN 4980

2 hours

SPAN 4990

3 hours

Supporting Courses 

3-15 hours

ESOL 4010

3 hours

2nd Foreign Language and Culture (3-12 hours) may be taken in Areas C and F)

0-12 hours


7-19 hours

Total hours required for the degree

120 semester hours

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages evaluates the level of linguistic proficiency and cultural knowledge achieved by the students in the Bachelor of Arts program in Spanish by using a variety of assessment measures. The results of the assessment activities are used for continued curriculum development and revision. Among the methods used to determine the effectiveness of the program are the following:

Examples of Outcome Assessments

  1. An examination to assess the level of listening, reading, and writing proficiency. The examination is administered in SPAN 3000 and SPAN 4990.

  2. ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interviews administered to asses the level of speaking. These Oral Proficiency Interviews are administered in SPAN 3000 and SPAN 4990.

  3. An examination covering appropriate topics to assess the student’s knowledge of content material related to Hispanic culture, linguistics, and literature. The examination is administered in SPAN 3000 and SPAN 4990.