- Et harum scientiarum porta et clavis est Mathematica, “And of these sciences the door and key is mathematics”, from Roger Bacon’s Opus Majus (1267)

If mathematics is your passion, then you’ve come to the right place!  The Mathematics Department at Valdosta State University is home to a diverse group of faculty members whose interests run the gamut from pure and applied mathematical research to math education and teacher training.  When you talk to our faculty, you may find out something about algebraic topology, number theory, mathematical biology, STEM education, teacher self-efficacy, or the role of paper folding in mathematics!  You may even get an opportunity to do real mathematical research as an undergraduate as you pursue a BA in Mathematics or BS in Applied Mathematics. 


As a Math major, you can join a nationwide community of undergraduate mathematicians.  We have a student chapter of the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) as well as the mathematical honor society, ΠΜΕ (Pi Mu Epsilon).


Our faculty are dedicated to providing an excellent learning experience and committed to student success.  Whether you are taking College Algebra (MATH 1111) or Senior Seminar (MATH 4980), we’re here to help you understand and appreciate the beauty of mathematics.


Our Mathematics Education faculty strive to teach you how to be effective Mathematics teachers.  The VSU Mathematics Department also offers a specialized Secondary Education Track in partnership with the Teacher Education Program in the College of Education and Human Services.


The Mathematics Department also serves to provide necessary foundations for students in other STEM majors. Have you considered a double major?  We are excited to offer two new tracks within our B. S. in Applied Mathematics, the Mathematical Biology Track and Computational Mathematics Track . If you are a Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, or Physics major, have you considered a minor in Mathematics or Applied Statistics?  We’d love to have you in our program!


We also contribute to our community.  Ask about our outreach programs to K-12 students, including Science Saturday, Middle and High School Math Tournaments, Sonia Kovalevsky (SK) Day,  and Migrant Education Middle School Camp.


Check out our website for more information about our faculty, degree programs, and opportunities for success in Mathematics.  We’re also on Facebook at VSU Math Department (@ValdostaStateBlazerNation) and Twitter at VSU Mathematics (@VSU_Math).  You can also email the department at math@valdosta.edu, or call our main office: 229-333-5778.  


Dr. Shaun V. Ault, Department Head 

Department of Mathematics

Valdosta State University

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Fibonacci Spiral.  (photo by SteveR- https://www.flickr.com/photos/git/)