Emergency, Fire, and Health

Emergency: If there is an incident within the residence hall, find a staff member (residence hall director/complex director or RA) of that hall to report the emergency. For emergencies, contact VSU Police by calling their emergency number 229-259-5555 or 911.

Life safety: All VSU residence halls are equipped with networked smoke and heat monitoring systems. Some rooms are also equipped with individual smoke detectors. These devices constantly monitor individual rooms and corridors. Additionally, all corridors in all buildings as well as apartments in Centennial and suites in Converse are equipped with approved fire extinguishers. Once per semester, Environmental and Occupational Safety will conduct fire drills as required by law.

Health and safety Inspections: Resident Assistants will perform health and safety inspections in all resident rooms, suites, and apartments to check for proper trash removal, proper cleaning of all areas, and to ensure life safety devices have not been altered or otherwise tampered with. Health and Safety Inspections will be performed as outlined below:

  • Traditional Halls – once per semester
  • Suites – twice per semester
  • Apartments – once per month
  • When will my room be inspected?

    The week prior to room inspections taking place, each hall director sends out an email notifying all residents in the building that room inspections will be occurring the following week. If you would like to know when your specific room is going to be inspected in order to be present, speak with your Residence Hall Director or Resident Assistant. 

  • What if I am not free during the time of my inspection?

    You do not need to be present during your room inspection. The staff inspecting the room will leave a note of what they found. Staff inspect all rooms in pairs and will sign legibly their name, date, and time of the inspection so that you know who and when they were there. If you need to be present during your inspection, please notify your Residence Hall Director via email to schedule a time that works for you and the staff.
  • What does “Unsatisfactory” or “FAIL” mean?

    All Health and Safety Inspections are to take note of proper trash removal, proper cleaning or all areas, notice any damage to the space outside of normal wear and tear, and to ensure life safety devices have not been altered or otherwise tampered with. In order to Fail an inspection, there must be at least three (3) unsatisfactory marks for any of the reasons listed above OR a Housing Contract Violation. However, failing the first inspection does not mean you automatically fail. You have 48 hours to correct whatever issue has been noted on your form and then when staff comes back for re-inspection, if the issue is no longer present you then pass the inspection. If there is a Housing contract violation present at the time of the inspection an incident report will be filed by the staff present. For Information about what is a Housing Contract violation please see our Guidelines to Community Living and the Student Code of Conduct.
  • What if I fail my re-inspection?

    Failing a re-inspection the first time will result in a Housing Community Policy Violation. The Housing Contract states the following concerning Room Condition.


    a.  Residents are expected to keep their rooms, suites, or apartments clean. This includes the cleaning of common spaces in suite style and apartment style rooms. Housing staff members will conduct room inspections on a routine basis. A fee may be assessed for not complying with this policy. Residents may also be asked to address any cleanliness issues that may cause health concerns for themselves and others in the community (e.g. food items that may attract insects, strong smells, etc.).

    b.  All rooms, suites, and common areas should be clean and the trash should be removed during any time that the buildings are closed for breaks. Housing staff members will enter and check each room, suite, and common space during the beginning of the break periods. Any trash and other items of health and safety concern will be removed and residents of that space will be assessed a fee and/or may face judicial procedures.

    c.  Residents are expected to report any and all maintenance concerns including, but not limited to electrical problems, plumbing problems, and/or life safety concerns (e.g. smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.) in a timely manner to the work management system online.

    d. All heating and air conditioning units, vents, and rooms with access to the heating and air conditioning units should not be blocked or covered in any manner. Any items that are prohibiting or hindering air flow and/or access to maintain the units will be moved to another place in the same room by the appropriate VSU staff member.

    e. See Housing Contract XIV.O.

    The first time a report is filed students will receive a warning letter noting that a report has been filed and what the issues are concerning. A staff member of that building will follow up with the student on why they failed and with the student(s) come up with actions steps to correct the issue to prevent future failed inspections. The second failed re-inspection will result in a meeting to with the Residence Hall Director or Area Coordinator about why the issue is persisting. Some sanctions may follow that meeting depending on the discussion. Sanctions may include housing relocation, cleaning charges, or roommate mediation. The third time there is a failed re-inspection the student will have to meet with the Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life to discuss if the student may continue their Housing Contract after numerous Housing Contract Violations.