Release of Contract

Please read ALL of the following information.

Students who have already applied for or are currently living in housing and want to terminate their contact need to complete the Release of Contract. Please see the instructions at the bottom of the page under How To Apply.

Due to the VSU's Freshmen Residency Requirement, freshmen can only live off campus under particular circumstances. Although the Release of Contract process needs to be followed for freshmen who have already paid their housing deposit, they also need to refer to the Freshman Residency Exemption process. Under the following conditions*, coupled with supporting documentation, we will release upperclassmen from their contract:

  • Graduating
  • Getting Married (Marriage Certificate)
  • Withdrawing Transferring (Official acceptance letter from other University)
  • Participating in a VSU credited internship requiring off-campus residency (Letter from advisor affirming internship enrollment and is accredited to major)
  • Have military obligations (Copy of deployment or transfer papers)

*As an Upperclassman, you can release your contract for one of the above reasons and receive your deposit if you complete your release of contract before the deadline.

Alternative Method of Appeal

If you do not fit one of the above reasons, you still need to fulfill the Release of Contract process. 

If you are denied a Release of Contract, you may submit an appeal to the Appeals Committee which meets once a month.

The appeal basis must be that an important change in a student's personal, medical, or financial situation has altered and does not allow compliance with the residency or contract requirements. Such changes must be accompanied by substantial documentation including, but not limited to: tax records, court orders, physician's notarized diagnosis and recommendation on letterhead, insurance claims, etc. All supporting documentation is due no later than 3 business days before the committee meets. All appeals for the summer portion of the 12 month contract are due no later than two weeks before the last day of the spring semester.

More Appeals Committee Information

You will not receive your deposit back unless you release by the dates below:

Students living on campus have until a November 15th deadline to cancel for spring, and students living in Centennial and Converse have until an April 15th deadline to cancel for summer.

How to Apply

  • To apply for a release of contract, please send an email to Darli Devane, Contracts and Assignement Coordinator at

If you are having problems logging into your StarRez account, contact the Housing Office at (229) 333-5920