Who reviews submissions to Omnino?

Each submission is reviewed through a double-blind review process (in which both the student's and the reviewers' names are removed) by two professors at VSU. Omnino editors find professors whose expertise relates to paper's topic.

Can students submit more than one paper to Omnino?

Students may submit up to two papers to Omnino. If both papers are accepted, they will be published in consecutive volumes (one this year, one next year).

Can students who recently graduated from VSU submit to Omnino?

Yes, as long as the author graduated within one year of submitting the paper, and as long as the submittor conducted the research and wrote the paper while a student at VSU.

Who should I list as my "Faculty Mentor" when I submit my Faculty Checklist form? 

The Faculty Mentor is the principal VSU faculty member who oversaw saw the writing of the paper.

Which citation style should be used in submitted papers?

It depends. Each submitted paper should adopt a citation style that is appropriate for its discipline. Since Omnino publishes papers from across all departments in the university, no single citation style will fit all of them. For instance, a paper written in an English class will likely use MLA or Chicago style (either would be appropriate). However, a paper written for a Psychology class will likely use APA style. Students should consult with their Faculty Mentors to determine the most appropriate style for their field of study.

Can students submit papers that include research involving human subjects?

Omnino adheres to the standards dicated by VSU's Institutional Review Board (IRB). All research papers involving human subjects must be accompanied by documented approval from the IRB.

Can students submit papers with images in them?

Yes, but it is the student and Faculty Mentor's responsibility to obtain permission for Omnino to print any copyrighted images. A useful resource on copyright guidelines for publishing images may be found here.

Does Omnino publish articles in languages other than English?

Omnino strives to be inclusive of research conducted in all disciplines (including non-English venues), but our limited staff of student editors are not able to vett and edit articles written in every language. Students are welcome to submit non-English papers for consideration if their Faculty Mentor is willing to assist the Omnino editors in copy editing the paper (if it is accepted). Also, non-English submissions need to be accompanied by an English translation of the paper's abstract.

How can I become an Omnino Student Editor?

Contact Dr. Anne Greenfield (algreenfield@valdosta.edu), Faculty Advisor to Omnino, to find out about Student Editing. All student editors must enroll in Dr. Greenfield's ENGL 4500 course, "Publishing Academic Journals," offered online every spring for three credits (this also counts as an "Experiential Learning" course).