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Giving Undergraduates Ideas to Directly Encourage Success

Are you a first-year student in a major in the College of Science & Math or a transfer student new to VSU? Do you have questions about your major, improving your study habits (and grades), or just life as a college student?

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We will pair you with a mentor who is also a student majoring in a STEM subject.

Mission Statement

The CoSM GUIDES peer mentoring program seeks to encourage the success of CoSM students by building relationships and helping students to connect to resources, develop study and life skills, and to successfully navigate college in a positive, supportive way. [Click here for program overview]

Current Peer Mentors (2021-2022)

Madeline Pond
Major: Biology

Juliannie Hoare
Major: Biology

Val Carey
Major: Astronomy and Physics

Darshi Patel
Major: Biology

Jayden Thomas
Major: Chemistry and Math


Supported by funding from the USG STEM IV Initiative (2019-2022)

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Some Past Events

  • Tips on Taking Notes: A Panel Discussion [September 16, 2021 at 6-7pm Bailey Room 1025] (event flyer)
  • How to Survive Finals: A Panel Discussion [April 29, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Wishing Wall: At the atrium (near the stairs) in Bailey Science Building [April 16 - May 10, 2021]
  • How to do research with faculty? A panel discussion [April 8, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Yard games on the front lawn! [April 7, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Student Organizations for Science and Math majors: A panel discussion [March 25, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Yard games on the front lawn! [March 24, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Improving Time Management Skills: A panel discussion [March 18, 2021]
  • Stressed?!? A panel discussion on ways to manage stress [March 11, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Plant Activityan event to take a break [March 10, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Resources on Campus: A discussion [March 4, 2021] (event flyer)
  • How to Talk to Professors? A panel discussion on February 25, 2021 (event flyer)
  • Tie Dye Masks [February 17, 2021] (event flyer)
  • How to Take Notes? [February 18, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Avoiding Burnout: A panel discussion [February 11, 2021] (event flyer)
  • How to stop procrastinating? [February 4, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Yard games on the front lawn! [February 3, 2021] (event flyer)
  • Rock painting 2 [Janurary 21, 2021]
  • Rock painting and other games [November 5, 2020]

Past Peer Mentors for CoSM GUIDES

Alex Morgan (Class of '21)
Major: Applied Math
Interests and Activities: I am an applied math major, and my career goal is to become an Actuary.  I am also currently working at Fedex Ground, and my expected graduation date is Spring 2021 . 

Sam (Heather) Panzica (Class of '22)
Major: Astronomy and Physics
Interests and Activities: My name is Sam, and I am 20 years old.  I am double majoring in Astronomy and Physics.  A few hobbies I enjoy include listening to music, hanging with friends, drawing, and gaming.  I am very open-minded and friendly, but I can also be slightly awkward and stubborn.  I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a fun fact about me is that I did gymnastics for 6 years!   
Danielle McKay (Class of '21)
Major: Chemistry
Interests and Activities: My career goal is to become a Cosmetic Chemist.  I also work as a Chemistry Stockroom Assistant and am a student member of the American Chemical Society and participate in the chemistry club SMACS.  I am also a member of the National Council of Negro Women and enjoy playing volleyball and journaling.  I am a junior and will be graduating in Fall 2021. 

David Truong (Class of '22)
Major: Computer Science
Minor: Aerospace Studies/ Statistics
Interests and Activities: My career goal is to become an Air Force Officer.  I also work as an intern at VSU and I am the president of Data Science VSU as well as the vice president of Phi Alpha Delta.  I will be graduating in Fall 2022. I like hiking, workout and I run my own online business. 

Karla Solis Rueda
Major: Biology

Nathan Hart (Class of '21)
Major: Chemistry

Caleb Register (Class of '23)
Major: Middle Grades Education (Concentration: Science and Social Studies)
Interests and Activities: On campus, I am a part of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) and the Honors College. Off campus, I serve as a camp staffer with LifeWay’s FUGE Camps during the summer. My favorite thing to do is to hang out with friends and family. I love to meet new people! After graduation, I strive to become the best teacher I can be and encourage students to follow their dreams. I am a sophomore and will be graduating in May 2023. 

Khushi Patel
Major: Chemistry
Minor: Biochemistry on Pre-med track
Interests and Activities: I am a chemistry major and minoring in biochemistry on the pre-med track. I hope to go into academia sometime after med school. Although I am a freshman I have been taking classes at VSU for about 2 years now. In addition to being a peer mentor for the 2020-2021 school year, I am also a supplemental instructor for CHEM1211. I like to cook, workout, read, and stress clean. I became a peer mentor because I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at VSU and I want others to experience all that VSU has to offer. 

Bailyn Rowe
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

Jenil Patel (Class of '20)
Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry
Interests and Activities: My name is Jenil Patel and I am a senior at VSU. I graduate in December 2020. I plan to go to law school to study Healthcare law. My goal is to practice Patent law and Malpractice law. I am excited to be a Peer mentor and help new students at VSU.

Kahleel Guerrier (Class of '22)
Major: Biology (Pre-Med)
Interests and Activities: I box, play basketball, run track, among others, but only train students in boxing. I have been playing cello for years and recently started piano. I produce and am listening to music most of the day. When I'm not in the library, lab, or gym I'm likely in my room watching anime or playing video games. I'm in the Caribbean Students Association and LSAMP. My career field is neurosurgery. I'm really excited to work with you.

Walker Hayes (Class of '22)
Major: Physics

Amber Holley (Class of '20)
Major: Biology (Pre-Vet)
Minor: Chemistry
Interests and Activities: I am also a Supplemental Instructor for BIOL 1108, and in the summer I work for the YMCA as a day-camp counselor for kids. My interests and hobbies include caring for animals, softball and reading Stephen King books.  After earning my DVM, I plan to move back to my hometown to work at a veterinary clinic and conduct research on neurological diseases in pets.  I am a senior, graduating in December of 2020.

Dalila Sanchez (Class of '23)
Major: Biology
Interests and Activities: I am glad I chose to attend VSU!  While I am majoring in general biology, I am very interested in microbiology and herpetology, and when I'm in Valdosta I volunteer at the Humane Society.  I love both cats and dogs, though I worked with cats while volunteering.  I am excited to help CoSM students be successful!