A picture is worth a thousand words. Let us help tell your story!

About Us

Great photography tells our story, conveys the spirit of the university and compels others to look more closely. A photo is the first thing we see on a page. It can draw us in and fuel our imagination. Our full-time university photographer is available to help with your marketing needs. From photographing staff and faculty headshots, to capturing images for your department’s brochures, we produce high-quality, professional imagery. Priority will always be given to events and photos for which there is a broad external marketing purpose. Please complete our online Photo Request at least 2 weeks prior to your event date. If a photography request cannot be accommodated, Creative Services can recommend a freelance photographer (which you will have to pay for), or a camera can be checked out from the New Media Center located in Odum Library. There is no charge for our photography services and we do not provide printed photographs.

Photo Guidelines

Your marketing materials should tell a story through it’s photos. One of the personal connection VSU has with it’s students. Focus on the individual and tell their story. High-quality photography conveys a level of professionalism and polish befitting the dynamism of this university, and helps convey the strength of the VSYOU brand. Photography on our websites and in our print communications should reflect the following university characteristics. Keep these in mind when choosing images. Each image helps show the story of VSU.







Photographic Content

Photography is an important part of telling the story. Photos used in printed pieces, on university websites or on promotional materials should, when possible, relate directly to the content. When shooting photography, consider connecting the viewer/reader to VSU in some visual way, such as including a recognizable campus landmark or including subjects wearing well-branded campus apparel.

Photo Formats

Photos need to be saved out correctly for the different formats the photos are being used in. If you contact Creative Services we can help you save our your photos correctly for publication. If submitting your own photos to Creative Services for use in your publications please go by the guidelines below:

For print – 300dpi  (JPG, TIFF, CMYK mode)

For Web – 72dpi (JPG, RGB mode)

Correct Permissions

Staff grant VSU the right to use their image, quotes and comments for use in advertising, fundraising and other marketing purposes upon becoming employed by the university. A signed Model Release should be obtained from students when needed. Particular care should be taken in obtaining releases from minors. In addition, copyrighted images are not permitted for use in official university publications. Any image pulled from the web is most likely copyrighted and cannot be used in any VSU marketing. You can visit our VSU Flickr page for approved, downloadable photos, or you can contact our department about specific photography needs.

Do It Yourself

If we are unable to attend your event or you are taking photos for an internal publication, below are some tips to keep in mind. 

  • Put the subject in a relevant context and environment.
  • Capture moments of real emotion: tenacity, spirit, challenge and achievement.
  • Capture action and energy but keep the photo casual in attitude.
  • Avoid posing subjects. Let them move around, perform their job and get comfortable.
  • Strive for a feeling of vitality.
  • Try for a “natural” feeling, as if the subject is unaware of the camera.