What is Honors at VSU?


The Honors College encourages meaningful connections between disciplines, innovative and unusual approaches to subject matter, and reliance upon experiential learning and global awareness that are fully integrated into the course content and lead to opportunities for strong undergraduate research and creative endeavors. The Honors College also provides extra-curricular opportunities for students to broaden themselves through lectures, service opportunities, and other forms of activity that relate to their education. Additional information on the characteristics of Honors is referenced in the following article: What is an Honors Student? A Noel-Levitz Survey.

Program of Study

The Honors College PROGRAM OF STUDY prepares students with a variety of courses and activities embedded in students’ degree programs. The wide range of special classes and interdisciplinary seminars are designed to help students realize their full intellectual potential. It is designed for the best possible preparation for opportunities upon graduation.

Honors Advising

HONORS ADVISING is an important part of the Honors experience. The professional advising staff prepares students in selecting the most appropriate courses and activities for their enhanced academic experience. Honors students engage in a variety of activities and academic interests presenting unique challenges. Conforming to NACADA standards for Honors advising, Honors students are given individual attention and goal setting based on a developmental academic advising approach.

Honors Residence

Reade Hall is the dedicated Honors residence hall and a vibrant living learning community. Honors students living in Reade are exposed to workshops and community events related to the Honors experience. A signature Reade event is Pizza with a Professor where faculty members enjoy an evening with students in the residence hall with free pizza provided by Housing and the Honors College. 

Workshops and Experiences

In providing an enhanced experience, Honors students have the opportunity to participate in complementary learning experiences such as workshops, community service activities, interdisciplinary research projects, and travel opportunities. These enhanced opportunities are supported by the Honors College and are at no additional cost to the students.

Honors Portfolio

The Honors College requires students to present a portfolio to demonstrate Honors proficiencies to acquire the Honors Certification. The portfolio documents experience and activities in research, experiential learning, leadership, and global experience and understanding. In addition to artifacts, students must also present a reflection of learning and complete HONS 4990 or an appropriate substitution. A portfolio serves as a reference for WHAT you have learned, HOW you learned, WHY you learned, and the VALUE of your learning and growth. Addition information on the approach to utilizing reflective learning portfolios is available in the following article: The Power and Utility of Reflective Learning Portfolios in Honors.