Honors Scholars receive a stipend awarded through Admissions. When being offered this stipend, students sign a contract stating their agreement to maintaining satisfactory progress within the Honors College, including meeting course and GPA requirements. The agreement also includes a service commitment each semester the student receives the stipend (Fall and Spring). 

Service requirements include any volunteer service not already required by a course or other organization. Service requirements are meant to be enriching. They should be reflective and complement students' career, college, Honors and life goals. Service can be completed through the Honors College, through the Honors Student Association, through non-profit organizations, through churches, through clubs, etc., both on and off campus. 

Students are required to submit a proposal at the beginning of every Fall and Spring Semester they receive the stipend. At the end of each Fall and Spring Semester, students must submit a service log documenting their hours and a reflective journal or artifact corresponding to that semester's service. 

Failure to meet the service requirement and/or satisfactory progress in the Honors College violates the stipend agreement and therefore the stipend may no longer be dispersed.

For more information contact Dr. Michael Savoie