Valdosta State University – College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Fall 2014 Application Cycle

Students applying to the School of Nursing Traditional and Accelerated BSN Programs must complete mandatory applicant advising for each cycle to which they apply.  Due to some students living a significant distance away, we have created alternative mandatory applicant advising.  Please see the dates and directions below (based on program):

Traditional BSN Alternative Advising Dates

  • March 12 at 10am

  • April 10 at 11am

  • May 21 at 3pm

  • June 30 at 11am

  • August 5 at 11am

Accelerated BSN Alternative Advising Sessions:

  • September 25 at 11am

  • October 9 at 3pm

  • October 28 at 11am

  • November 13 at 3 pm

  • December 10 at 11 pm


  1. Click the "Enter Alternative Advising Session" button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Run the set-up wizard to make sure your computer is ready for a Wimba session.  This should be done prior to your logging into the session you plan on attending.

  3. Click on “Participant Login.”

  4. Enter your First and Last Name in the “Participant Login.”  (There will not be a password.)

  5. You can enter your questions on the left side or at the end of the presentation you can click on the “high five hand” to indicate you want to ask a question.  Questions will be taken at the end of the presentation.

  6. The presentation will begin on time and attendance will be taken at the beginning of the session.  You are encouraged to log in early.

  7. You do not have to have a microphone to participate.

Click here to enter Alternative Advising Session